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In a small selection of countries, m-payment systems have been introduced and proven popular. These range from "M-Pesa" in Kenya (M for Mobile; Pesa is the Swahili word for money), which works only on one mobile network, to "Pingit", launched by Barclays Bank in the U.K.

In the Western world, with the rapid growth of Smart Phone ownership, the inclination has been to go towards the "mobile app" solution, which means development for several competing operating systems, and the potential support costs involved with this technological approach.

This approach is less appropriate for populations with lower incomes who are less likely to have smart phones and who may be less likely to cope with computer literacy.

No matter where you are located and which country or countries you serve, Fone2Pay offers a solution which is simple for the consumer, backed by a secure back-office system.

M-Payment Solution

Fone2Pay is offered as a "Software as a Service". The benefits are:

  • Fast speed to market
  • Low Capital Cost to enter the market
  • Very low operating cost with considerable automation
  • Secure solution
  • Can be integrated with banking or other existing services

It's so EASY to send somebody money using Fone2Pay

Using ANY phone, ANY operating system, ANY network, it's simple and it's LOW cost.